a hybrid blog


hy(de)blog is a fork of the 'hyblog' hybrid blogging system created by Colin Walker. This system takes a different approach to blogging than most database driven or static site generated platforms. Rather than having to build the site after each change, the hyblog system uses dynamic files which write/pull posts and comments to/from .md files.

hyblog evolved.

The hy(de)blog fork builds upon the core foundations of hyblog by adding several functional & stylistic improvements while addressing bugs & errors within the initial code. The improved stability that hy(de)blog brings to the hyblog system readies it for regular day-to-day long-term use and adaptability by end users. Further details on this fork are available at /colophon.

hy(de)blog was generated in early-2023 by Kevin Van Lierop.

Dual personalities; one platform

hy(de)blog ships with both light & dark styles, complete with default avatars in the spirit of its namesake. Styles & presentation are customizable by the end user, including:

  • Custom avatar (header logo & favicon)
  • Permalinks (off, hash, time stamp)
  • Comments (web form, email, off)
  • Pagination (on / off)
  • Post order (oldest / newest first)
  • Date & time display (UK, USA, ISO etc.)
  • Custom styles
    • Variables template included: users can override many of the default styles (colours, fonts, spacing) easily via the admin panel


A note on development !!!

ver1.0 of hy(de)blog is the first major public release of the platform— and the last.

ver1.0 meets all the goals the hy(de)blog project set out to achieve. Aside from a minor 1.x update here-or-there to address any bugs that impact the day-to-day functional use of the platform, there will be no future versions of this project that add any type of new features.

Kevin worked through a short development roadmap— under the project codename of (franken)log, towards the public 1.0 release of hy(de)blog you see here. Much of the work initially planned is left intentionally unfinished and Kevin has no plans to further the development of this platform for public use.