a hybrid blog


Click here to download the current version of hy(de)blog

Note: Should work with PHP 8.1 without any issues. Throws some errors prior to the first post being added, but nothing fatal.


  1. Copy all files and folders to your desired path
    • .htaccess files are included to get you going
  2. Navigate to http(s)://{your chosen url}/setup.php
    • fill out the required fields
    • Note: the email address you use for the site is also where email comments are sent to, if you select this comment type. See Readme for more details
  3. Once setup, a file config.php will be created in the root of your chosen path
    • this includes the information from step 2 as well as the default settings
  4. Upon submitting the setup details you will be directed to the settings pages
    • you can adjust any of the system's settings from here

Note: setup.php will be deleted once you submit the initial options.


Detailed instructions on how to blog with hy(de)blog, and how to edit the settings to your liking, are found on the readme page.